Discover the partners of our culinary agency Chefs & Flo

Our culinary agency, Chefs & Flo, in Colombes, has numerous professional partners to offer you the best tailor-made services.

Le Club Café

The collaboration between Le Club Café and Chefs and Flo began in 2017. Le Club Café is a restaurant and coffee shop concept that offers a diverse range of sandwiches, paninis, toasts, salads, pasta, American pastries, and specialty coffees in a trendy and cozy setting. We serve as the dedicated culinary advisor for Le Club Café: our agency's team manages the entire culinary development, as well as the organization of the food offering and its processes. This includes creating restaurant menus, designing seasonal products, meeting with suppliers, calculating costs, and ensuring profit margins. Our agency handles supplier research and selection of trendy products. We incorporate cost calculations, product profitability, and manufacturing protocols while adhering to HACCP standards.

Nestle Health Science

Nestle Health Science offers a wide range of products designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of certain patients. We create recipes using these products to showcase their value.


For their training center, our culinary agency organizes culinary workshops called 'Discovering Picard.' Our chefs create fun menus for trainees, primarily composed of 95% Picard products. These recipes are practical, easy, and full of tips for home preparation. The goal of the culinary workshops is to demonstrate how Picard products can be used to create gourmet dishes. With a new menu each season, employees who participate in the workshops provide Picard store customers with new meal ideas. From gazpacho with vanilla ice cream to homemade sushi, fried chicken, Banh-mi, or bruschetta - Chefs&Flo's recipes with Picard products take you on a culinary journey around the world!

Restaurant Mari Bonita Le Bistrot

Our agency, Chefs and Flo, conducted an audit and advisory mission for Mari Bonita Le Bistrot, located in St. Laurent La Vallée in the Périgord region. This is a training and application restaurant that combines Mexican and Périgord cuisines. We conducted a day-to-day study and analysis of the restaurant, implemented an action plan, provided support to the team and Chef Elisabeth Balin Gaxiola, and introduced corrective measures. Our actions throughout the audit and advisory mission ensured the successful operation of Mari Bonita Le Bistrot.


To work with "Perles Yuzu" from Sphery+, the chefs at Chefs and Flo created a Maria Sangrienta Cocktail (Bloody Mary?). We used tomato juice, red bell pepper, lime, Tequila, Worcestershire sauce, and hot sauce. To enhance this cocktail, we garnished it with a skewer made up of olives, sun-dried tomatoes, celery stalk, and the famous Yuzu pearl. Directly inspired by molecular cuisine, these pearls are small gelatinous spheres with a liquid center that add aesthetics to a dish or cocktail. Sphery+ pearls bring that touch of originality to your creations.


SPICE is the specialist in supplying premium gourmet groceries to professionals in the culinary industry. The chefs at Chefs and Flo agency use SPICE's spices in their creative recipe creations.


Event Caterer Vauvy is a loyal partner of our agency, Chefs and Flo, with whom we collaborate regularly. As a gourmet caterer, they offer homemade cuisine with high-quality ingredients. They provide professional and private services for cocktail events with culinary entertainment, weddings, and gourmet meals. The CHEFS & FLO agency regularly collaborates with the team of this caterer.
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