Creation & culinary design

To reinvent yourself

A new recipe? a new product to highlight? A restaurant launch?

Every project needs a creative boost at some point in its history.

The creativity and passion that drive the Agency will bring you tasty ideas.

From conception to completion.

Cost : €€€

Duration : short or long mission


Ingredients :

  • Creativity without limits

  • Artistic direction

  • Perpetual search for innovation

  • Knowledge of the best products

    (local, organic, exotic, industrial)

  • Ability to adapt and assimilate

  • Сost calculation



Process :

It needs analysis for the direction to be taken

Meetings with the various departments concerned (management, production and R&D)

Knowledge of the means

After assimilation of your brand image, choose the most appropriate artistic direction together

Assimilation of means of production and service

Design of a “creation” file with the proposed recipes, appellations, sensory palette, sketches and a cost approach

Culinary research and development and supplier research

Realization of recipes and implementation for the production of the validation test

Test validation of recipes with services

Realization of technical sheets in Excel format with visual and costing