Transmission of culinary values

At home or in business, the agency offers turnkey events.

Ideal recipe will allow a real moment of sharing around the pleasures of cooking. Our nomadic Chefs, from major French & international establishments, come to offer you exceptional moments and surprise your guests. Packages adapted to all audiences and desires.

Cost: €€€

Duration: short mission

Ingredients :

  • Sharing and conviviality

  • Social interaction

  • Animation and show

  • The transmission of tips and culinary veins

  • Innovation in presentation



Proposals under different formulas: workshop, lessons, entertainment, gourmet meal

Becoming a cook for a moment and joining the brigade of one of our chefs

Discovering the origins and evolution of a product or a gastronomic culture over time

Exclusive creations by our chefs

Application of discoveries through gourmet and original recipes

Tasting of prepared meals